Socialism and nationalism as a ladder

We all celebrate the independence of former colonies from their respective colonial powers. Colonialism was the most evil thing on earth. But what was bad about it? Was it expropriation? Taxation without representation? The racism? Massacres?

None of the former were unique to the colonial territories. But there was actually one thing that was unique. The ruling class was not of the same extraction as its subjects.

Colonialism came to an end when the foreign rulers were replaced by rulers of native extraction. The essence of colonialism was that the ruling class was not of the same extraction as its subjects. But why would that ever be a problem? It’s obvious in an evolutionary sense. The price of trusting individuals outside of your own group can be quietly costly on the long run.

However, there must be someone who initially articulates the ethnicity of the ruling class as a problem. By studying this process and the people who are the forebears against colonialism, one can find a quite interesting insight.

In India it was the Indian National Congress who led the country to independence. Both Nehru and Gandhi, especially Gandhi, became quite famous for their resistance against the British rule. But the origins of Indian National Congress is very intriguing. It was created by native colonial administrators who got disgruntled by the racial hierarchies in the colonial administration. Native Indians could only advance to a certain level in the colonial bureaucracy due to their race. The upper ranks were reserved for whites only.

And so started a story where disgruntled bureaucrats seized the power from the foreign rulers. The interesting point is that none of these anti-colonial leaders relinquished power from themselves. Rather they only seeked more. Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, advocated a separation from India due to Pakistan’s Muslim identity, to only later decide that Pakistan was to be a secular state.

Anti-colonialism seems to be only a vehicle for a certain group of individuals to gain power. Now there is a very similar group within socialists. Every policy they advocate for, eventually means that the demand for occupations, that mostly they occupy (teachers, social workers, paper-shufflers and academics) , increases. The unemployable migrants can only be fixed by transferring more wealth to socialist occupations. Else we are “doomed”. And they are not lying.

When we don’t transfer wealth to the socialist elite, we end up with Castros, Guevaras and Maos. The liberal democracy bribes these agitators through fake jobs as social workers, academics and bureaucrats. In these positions, they don’t have the interest to seize the power from the ruling class.

It’s not that the the Castros, Guevaras, Lenins and Maos have a low IQ and are unemployable, no. They are obviously above average, but not good enough to be competitive. Instead of engaging in non-aggressive value creation, they find it in their own interest to transfer wealth and prestige by threat of violence. Instead of being a low prestige worker, they can instead be a bureaucrat or an academic, which has a lot more sexual value. The revolution is not in their interest if they are already being bribed with fake jobs.

Another case to clarify this phenomenon would be Ashkenazim over-representation in socialist literature (and leadership). Not every Ashkenazim is a successful wealth creator. However, an Ashkenazim loser is not the same as an European loser. The Ashkenazim loser can still think. And when he thinks, he comes up with the idea that he can cover his power and prestige loss, by extorting the “capitalists” with threats of violence from the masses.

Another great case is student protests and revolts. Often it is students of social sciences who engage in these activities. Never have students marched for more capitalism. It is always for socialism, meaning, higher sexual value of their grades. They are marching for higher incomes and prestige for THEM, not anyone else. Even if they are not the direct recipients, they will always be one of the beneficiaries of the stealth that they are advocating for.

Our anti-colonial and socialists leaders seem to act out from the same “genetic profile”. Individuals with this profile are the “extortion class” of a society. Their contemporaries appear in modern identity politics (minority nationalist movements). Ethnic leaders, or self-claimed ethnic representatives, claim to have the best knowledge about their own group, rather than anyone else, and therefor they should have the highest and best positions possible in every single existing institution. Equality is not 50/50, but 100/0, with 0% being European males.

Their issue is not ethics or morality. Not policy or consequences. But power and prestige. Nationalism, anti-colonialism and socialism are ladders, nothing else.

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